Real World implementations of custom controls for ASP.NET.

Real World Controls Home Page
ASP.NET Real World Controls is designed to provide working examples of custom controls which developers commonly need to implement in real world development. ASP.NET provides a great foundation of controls, but often we need to go a little bit futher in our development projects. ASP.NET Real World Controls attempt to capture those common scenarios and create reusable controls out of them.

This project was originally available on GotDotNet, but we've moved to CodePlex. In addition to moving to CodePlex, we've also expanded the scope of the project. While we originally focused on GridView only, now we'll expand to other ASP.NET controls as well.

Here is some documentation.
Keep in mind that some of these posts were about older versions of the code, and that some of the code might have changed since then. It should give you a good understanding of what is going on though.

How do I get the code?
Download it from the "Source Code" tab.

What if I only want the binaries?
Download them from the "Releases" tab.

Can I use this code in my own projects?
Yes, Real World Controls are shared source. Make sure to read the license to understand the exact conditions.

Where can I get the PUBS database that is used in the samples?

How do I contribute?
Join the project!

Try out some new features
Vote for work items/bugs to help prioritize
Post comments to the forums
Download a release
Download the source code

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