Dynamic Datasource Binding, Rowupdating problem

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Mar 10, 2008 at 2:02 PM
Hi guys, I have searched for hours and days to solve this problem, but haven't found any clear solution.

The problem is simple:

I add a SQL datasource to the bulkedit gridview at runtime. Everything works fine untill I want to save the changes.
I get the error stating that the event RowUpdating is not handled.
Some solutions say you have to build your own updating method. But I'm at a loss here.

Do I create an eventhandler for RowUpdating in the source code for BulkEditGridview, or should I do this in the code behind file of the ASPX where I use the control.

How do i get the Newvalues collection in this method?

I someone could show me some sample code, it would be most helpfull.