DropDownField - Binding

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Mar 14, 2008 at 3:01 PM

I'm a new user of the Real World Controls and I'm trying to use a DropDownField in one of the columns of
a BulkEditViewControl.

The problem is that even if the drop down is populated, no value is selected when the web page was loaded and when I'm saving the BulkEditViewControl
all the other binded field are saved to the database but nothing is saved for field of type DropDownField.

Probably I'm missing something... How could I setup this field to have a selected value and save the data in his related row data item on datasource row inserting?

Here is the Aspx DropDownField declaration:

<cc1:DropDownField DataField="ClienteleTypeID" ListDataSourceID="dsClienteleType" ListDataTextField="Description"
ListDataValueField="ClienteleTypeID" HeaderText="ClienteleTypeID" SortExpression="ClienteleTypeID" >

How could I achieve databinding on DropDownField ?

Thank's a bunch!

Simon Rousseau